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Enzyme Deficiency Disorder

Probably not all of us give credit to the importance of enzymes. But what we don’t know is that they play a great part of our existence. Oftentimes, children are mostly referred to as deficient. There are several things affecting enzyme deficiency resulting to several disorders. Among the few are emotional stress, stressful lifestyle and … Continue reading

Eating disorder counselors Rochester Hills, Michigan – There is a Light at the end of the Tunnel

The Effects of Eating Disorders – Counselling Connect http://www.ccpa-accp.ca Fri, 06 Dec 2013 17:02:12 GMT “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” ~ A. A. Milne. Eating is a natural and an essential part of life. The function of food is to nourish the body, but was created to be enjoyed by human beings, … … Continue reading

Why Opt for Child and Family Psychological Services

If there has ever been one certainty about life, it would have to be that nothing in life is certain, no matter how much we would like it to be. Sometimes life’s uncertainties present themselves as issues that can affect children, adults and entire families negatively, or leave individuals suffering from various anxious, depressive or … Continue reading

Adult Separation Anxiety – Understand, Seek Help and Recover

Separation anxiety is a type of anxiety that someone experiences when they are separated from the people they feel the most comfortable with, left alone, or even forced to be somewhere by themselves that they do not feel comfortable. Although most cases are seen in very young children, adult separation anxiety continues on from childhood … Continue reading

Understanding and Treating Self Injurious Behaviors

When most people think of self-harming, or self injurious behaviors, many are reminded of a main stereotype, that being teenagers who self-injures by cutting their skin for any of a multitude of reasons. It is also thought that those individuals do what they do as attention-seeking behavior, looking to gain sympathy from others. What most people … Continue reading

Substance Abuse Counselors Michigan – Drug Abuse Increasing

With an estimated 20 million people in the US alone who have recently used an illicit or illegal substance – some of them as young as 12 years old – the tendency toward substance abuse can become a serious health problem in some people’s lives. Even though the National Survey on Drug Use and Health … Continue reading

Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children – A Brief Overview

Usually occurring between the ages of 7 months to eighteen months of age when babies first learn to differentiate strangers from familiar faces, mild separation anxiety can be a normal part of early childhood development. Although this can go on for some time, most children are usually well over their fears by the time they … Continue reading